Tanzanite Raffle

We here at the Friends of The Needy Fund have a small raffle competition that will be held on the 31st of October 2020 where The Grand Prise is a Tanzanite stone, which is the most rare gemstone on earth and can only be found on the base of the Kilimanjaro mountain in  Tanzania.

The specifications of the stone are as follows:

  • Size : 1.94 Carat
  • Cut : Trillion
  • Clarity: VVS
  • Colour:  Intense bluish Violet With a slight green finish


Our main priority is the wellbeing of people, therefore due to the global pandemic and with our Country still under Covid- 19 regulations we understand that social distancing prohibiting large gathering, but we have found a way around this.

The individual that the ticket was purchased from will be at the raffle to have receive the stone for the winner. The winner will also be notified as soon as the draw has taken place.

Please note that the tanzanite gemstone is the grand prize and there will be 10 secret prizes that will can be won in the raffle on the day.

Please contact us if you are interested.